Sustainably Farmed

Our Seaweed

We farm our seaweed in nutrient-rich waters off the Southwest coast. The result is high-quality products that meet EU food and bio-feed standards. We focus on farming a range of local seaweeds, each with different qualities and applications. Whole seaweed available (fresh and dried).

Our Extracts

Through R&D, we have capabilities to produce high-value extracts from our seaweeds tackling our zero waste goals. Our seaweeds are profiled independently and we provide technical sheets to inform our customers. Extracts include:

Our Processing

Maintaining the quality of our products is essential. The result - innovative facilities, with processing steps that safeguard the valuable components found within the seaweed and extracts. This makes them suitable for a range of applications.


Containing pressed fibres for paper, packaging and a protein isolate.

Gelling, thickening, and stabilising properties: texturizing and viscosity of food, cosmetics and personal care products.

Derived from alginic acid. Used in medical field for wound dressings, pharmaceutical formulations and in biotechnology applications.

Derived from alginic acid. Used to improve paper properties and remove heavy metals and contaminants from water.


Biofeed & Fertilisers
Food and Health Supplements
Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals
Plastic Alternatives


At Biome Algae, we are actively working toward United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.


2. Zero Hunger

We utilise seaweed; a nutrient dense food source for vegan alternative products, protein supplements and support land-based agriculture.


3. Good Health & Well-Being

Transforming innovations in traditional nutrition, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and well-being industries through seaweeds natural and practical applications.


5. Gender Equality

We support equal opportunities for people from all communities and backgrounds and foster an EDI (Equality, Diversity, Inclusion) approach.


9. Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Pioneering industry innovation through seaweed production and processing advancements.


11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

Enabling the growth of coastal communities. Enhancing local workforces and sustainable coastal development.


12. Climate Actions

We monitor our LCA and are investigating the carbon potential of our seaweed.


13. Responsible Consumption & Production

Promoting seaweed use into a diverse range of plastic alternatives which promote circular economies.


14. Life Below Water

Preserving local marine ecosystems at our farm sites. Implementing farming practices that support marine habitat restoration and biodiversity