Sustainably Farmed Seaweed and Extracts 

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Creating a GREEN future from BLUE growth

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Building a farmed seaweed biome that supports circular societies

Biome (noun) a large community of flora and fauna occupying a major habitat

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Welcome to our Journey

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Our founder, Dr Angela Mead, is a passionate marine biologist who is applying her 27 years of global research experience, fulfilling her vision for Biome Algae. The result is a rapidly growing company that is at the cutting edge of the UK and European seaweed industry. Our ability to produce seaweed sustainably through farming, combined with our primary and secondary processing capabilities, makes Biome Algae unique.  We are well positioned along the value chain to help develop customer-specific products for existing and new market sectors. Particularly where products lend themselves to the circular economy approach, environmental responsibility and societal improvement. We are turning ‘blue growth’ into a bright green future for all!

Image by Josh Spires (dronenr)
Seaweed can draw down 6x the amount of CO  compared to land-based plants and trees & it grows quicker too! This helps combat climate change