A Green Future from Blue Growth

Award-winning Seaweed Farming and Processing

Biome Algae

A marine company, farming and processing local seaweeds in Devon and Cornwall, UK. Operating since 2020, our expertise and successes have grown over multiple farming seasons as we actively scale production.

Green Future

Biome Algae produces whole seaweed and extracts for market sectors that magnify or add to our positive environmental impacts. Sustainability and ESG are at the heart of our operations.

Industry Cultivators

Biome Algae are industry leaders. We establish standards, data drive our operations and embrace innovation. Research and development (R&D) are integral to our success – unlocking scalable production whilst maintaining quality across products. Our combination of producer and processor capabilities sets us apart.

Founder, CEO and CSO

Dr Angela Mead is a marine biologist, published researcher, seaweed farming specialist and award-winning woman in business. Her ambition is ensuring Biome Algae stays ahead of the curve.

Supporting Communities

Biome Algae is proactive within the coastal communities we operate in. We provide opportunities such as education, research, training, employment, local business support and capacity building for new farmers.

Working With