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Creating a green future from blue growth.

Our Story

Welcome to our journey.


Biome was conceived & developed into a full concept by its founder & Managing Director, Dr Angela Mead. Dr Mead is a passionate marine biologist.


While working with coastal ecosystems & aquaculture globally she saw an exciting & game-changing opportunity that could turn the seaweed industry on its head.


The UK & European seaweed industry is still in its infancy but in this raw & somewhat untapped state lies massive potential to develop into a world-class example of sustainable blue growth. Seaweed is not only a sustainable solution toward many of the problems we are facing as a global community but it is continuingly showing evolving market opportunities. 

Seaweed farms are regenerative & restorative. They positively impact marine life & the habitats they live in. This includes critical commercial species & can also invigorate the coastal communities they support.


Angela’s vision is based on current demand for seaweed exceeding what is being produced.  What is needed is high-quality, diverse & locally produced seaweed on a reliable & large scale. More importantly it needs to be possible to develop this industry in a way that will turn the tide on traditional business models. We can replace these with a more co-operative & collaborative approach to business. Farmers joining forces, rather than competing against one another to really put UK & European farmed seaweed on the map. 

We will be a flagship example of turning blue growth into a brighter, green future for generations to come.

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Seaweed can draw down 6x the amount of CO  compared to land-based plants and trees & it grows quicker too! This helps combat climate change.


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