Pioneers and Innovators

Our Mission

Building a network of regenerative farms, promoting a new industry in the Southwest region and creating a greener future from the blue growth opportunity seaweed provides.

Our Vision

Promote healthy seas and marine systems whilst providing sustainable seaweed products that lead to game-changing market solutions with real-world impact.

Our Story

As a marine biologist, our founder, Dr Mead developed a strong connection to sea-life and the desire to combat climate issues whilst improving marine environments for future generations. She saw an opportunity within farming seaweed, that could regenerate marine ecosystems and help develop exciting, impactful seaweed-derived solutions that focus on reducing carbon footprints and avoid the use of plastic. We continue on our journey, building expertise and evolving!


Our R&D reflects our ESG approach. Biome Algae’s innovations across the business are helping us to achieve our zero waste and low-carbon goals, whilst supporting commercialisation.

Credit: Reef-cubes (Arc Marine)

Scaling is our key focus, across ‘at-sea’ and ‘land-based’ operations to significantly increase products available for a range of market sectors.

We innovate across the business, creating disruptive solutions which support our growth and result in efficient, low-energy, scalable facilities and processes. 

To scale production, we need vessels that are ESG focused. ‘The Seaweed Queen’ is our ‘all-in-one’ vessel design with a hybrid engine – reducing emissions. Later models will be full EV’s.

We diversify our farming capabilities by cultivating different species across our farm network. The result is new product potential as we evolve and build on R&D. 

We work closely with universities and key organisations to build knowledge around regenerative farming. Research includes quantifying our positive marine impacts (Biodiversity Net Gain, habitat restoration) and exploring low-carbon potential.  

We form early-stage collaborations with companies to help realise their seaweed-derived solutions – bringing momentum to the seaweed industry together, whilst solving pressing societal issues.  

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