The Last Ride Project

To add to the excitement of our first trip out to the farm, we were joined by a film crew, shooting scenes for the Last Ride Project, an ambitious world’s first in global ski mountaineering and exploratory docu-series. It’s investigating catastrophic deglaciation and its effects on the broader climate emergency. Why is it called ‘the last ride’? Tragically, Ed, Will and Jon will most likely be the last people to ski the Seven Summits as their historic glaciers are melting at an unprecedented rate. For example: scientists project that the ice fields on Kilimanjaro will be gone within a decade, and the glaciers atop Puncak Jaya (the highest peak in Australasia), will have disappeared by this time next year. 

Over the course of the project, they will collaborate with a wide network of inspirational people and delve into their positive actions in the face of this growing crisis. They’ll endeavour to meet a broad and inclusive range of people from leading climatologists and environmental activists to local communities and individuals around the world. 

We were honoured to have been picked by The Last Ride Project to feature in their series, to be featured on Netflix, as a regenerative award-winning business which focuses on creating a green future from blue growth. The aim of their visit to Biome was to understand and document our unique farming practices and dynamics in the ever-growing seaweed sector. Each Biome team member was interviewed, explaining our farming and preparation methods, how we continue to be industry leaders, and actively work toward United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.  

Biome wishes The Last Ride Project every success in completing the journey around seven continents, where they share innovative and actionable strategies to preserve our world.