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When placed next to shellfish & fish farms, seaweed farms help improve or maintain water quality by absorbing nutrients from the waste produced. This is called bioremediation.

Our Mission : Seaweed

Biome will:


  • Be a leading supplier of high quality, traceable farmed seaweed products.

  • Operate highly productive farms, expanding operations (upscaling) to produce significant quantities of different seaweed species annually.

  • Apply sustainable & innovative farming, harvesting, processing & distribution practices, continuously developed with our academic partners, collaborators & regulatory bodies. 

  • Bring a wide diversity of farmed species to market.

  • Support kelp & marine habitat restoration projects.

Image by Josh Spires (dronenr)
Seaweed farms can increase local biodiversity, especially when combined with shellfish farms. They act as reef environments for marine life.

What are we farming?

  • We farm a range of seaweed species that are native to the UK. 

  • This includes sugar kelp, oarweed, winged kelp & golden kelp (brown seaweeds).

  • Red seaweeds will include dulse & laver/nori.

  • It is the first time some of these species have been farmed, or farmed at these scales in the region.

  • We assess all aspects of our seaweed quality. From organic certification to UK Food Standard Agency status & quantifying the range & purity of useful extracts found within our seaweeds. 

  • Our seaweed is grown offshore in clean, energetic south-west waters with a good nutrient supply.

  • Our sustainable farming methods use the latest techniques & innovation to consistently produce large quantities of high-quality seaweed without impacting the marine environment negatively.

  • We work with scientists & remote sensing technology to measure the regenerative & restorative benefits of our farms on marine life & marine habitats, such as carbon capture.

  • The seaweed can be purchased in whole form (fresh & dry) which suits a range of uses including bio-refining.

  • Our sustainable hatcheries are developed & maintained by experts in Oban, Scotland. 

Image by Josh Spires (dronenr)
Seaweed farms have positive effects on commercial species, increasing populations & futureproofing
our valuable marine resources.

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