Meet ‘The Seaweed Queen’

Biome are working with naval architects, Rockabill Marine Design (RMD), to create a state-of-the-art, industry-leading, 20m aquaculture vessel. ‘The Seaweed Queen’ will boast a substantial 105m²  working deck and 20-tonne cargo capacity with unique storage holds, making it a perfect fit for a wide range of farming operations. The vessel will be a UK first and game-changer in the marine industry, positioning Biome at the forefront of the seaweed sector.  

As a leading innovator in sustainable seaweed farming, Biome has collaborated with RMD to design an advanced hybrid propulsion system, from Volvo Penta and Danfoss Power Solutions, to maximise energy efficiency and reduce emissions. The marine sector urgently requires low-emission solutions that offer manoeuvrability, precision, and comfort capable of operating in robust commercial marine environments. Subsequent vessels will evolve to full EV!  

We believe that this project is set to revolutionise the boating economy and support a wide range of aquaculture businesses and local communities. We are thrilled to be part of something so unique and exceptional.  

For more information on this collaboration, please read the article below posted in one of the leading commercial marine showcases- workboat 365.  

Biome Algae Partners with Rockabill Marine Design to Develop Cutting-Edge 20m Hybrid Propulsion Kelp Harvester. –