Embracing a New Season: The Dawn of Deployment

As the seasons change, our farm enters a new beginning of renewal and growth. Our team at Biome HQ have been working tirelessly in preparing all the necessary equipment to make sure we hit the ocean running.   

There is a sense of anticipation amongst us all as the seeds arrive on a crisp, autumnal morning in Brixham Harbour. At roughly 7am, we complete our boat safety and operational meeting and steam out to the farm in Torbay, where we prepare to deploy our first batch of local and incredibly delicate seedlings. Season 4 is officially underway.  

We bring all of our experiences from previous seasons and commence what we do best – farming. The process is flawless and each crew member is efficient and precise as we move gradually down our headline to plant our seeds. We’re also lucky to be joined by Jessica Farda, CEO of Noriware, a sustainable packaging alternative company, to view our farming methods.  

Our first day at sea was a huge success (minus the sideways rain!). By the end of the week, we had successfully planted out 7,680 m of seeds and by the end of deployment we will have outplanted enough seeds to harvest 160 T of fully grown seaweed. 

One of the most beautiful aspects of seaweed farming is our connection to the ocean’s rhythm. Each season has its own unique characteristics and demands, and we continuously strive to work alongside them. Stay tuned as we wait for our second batch of seeds to arrive.