Image by Josh Spires (dronenr)
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  • We will farm a range of seaweed species that are native to the UK.

  • Of the red and brown seaweeds farmed, some will be new species to market.

  • Our hatcheries will be developed & maintained by SAMS SRSL in Oban

  • Our seaweed will be grown offshore in energetic waters with a good nutrient supply.

  • The seaweed will be clean & disease-free when harvested & available to market.

  • We will produce high quality seaweed in whole form or through the quantities & purity of extracts possible.

  • We will be assessing all aspects of our seaweed quality.

  • Our sustaianable farming methods will use the latest techniques & innovation to consistently produce large quantities of seaweed, maximising productivity & upscaling our farms.

  • Biome has the built in infrastructure to deliver our seaweed products fresh & dry as required.

  • The farms operate throught the application of robush health & safety procedures & biosecurity.

  • Our seewead products will meet UK Food Standard Agency standards & we are aiming for certified status, to include organic & sustainably farmed status. 

Image by Josh Spires (dronenr)
Seaweed farms provide shelters and nursery grounds for a whole range of fish, shellfish and invertebrates. They act as defacto Marine Protected Areas.


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  • Aquasmart™ is being developed in partnership with RS Aqua, a leading UK marine technology company.

  • The Aquasmart ™ system is made up of two parts.

  • Firstly, an ‘on-site’ array remotely monitoring a range of environmental parameters in real-time. This uses existing marine tech but for a new innovative purpose.

  • Combined the data can give an accurate, real-time indication of water quality in the vicinity of offshore seaweed, shellfish & fish farms.

  • The array is also an early warning system for offshore farmers, indicating stability of deployed farm equipment during & after storms, as well as assisting with equipment retrieval if needed.

  • Secondly, the array is complimented by innovative, proprietary ‘easy-interface’ software packages/apps for use by farmers. 

  • We need to test, ground-truth & refine the prototype array in real-world conditions on different offshore farm types (seaweed, shellfish & fish), followed by software refinement.

  • We have a seaweed farm & shellfish farm (WesternCountry Mussels Ltd.) to test Aquasmart ™. 

We are looking for an offshore fish farm for further testing: please get in touch if you are interested.

We will keep you updated as to our progress & when the seaweed and  Aquasmart™ is available commercially