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Seaweed forms the basis of the food chain in the ocean



Seaweed farming is an emerging UK & global industry. Offshore farming is relatively new for all farm types, posing its own challenges.


Biome contributes to the research community through partnering with local academic institutes. Biome’s founder, Angela, has strong ties to academic research.


She has purposefully surrounded Biome with outstanding academic institutes, as well as progressive companies who have a passion for sustainable seaweed farming & the marine environment.  

Through continued innovation, research & development involving the Biome farms, we work toward resolving knowledge gaps in offshore seaweed farming, whilst benefiting directly from the expertise & skills of the people involved.  Biome will keep evolving & remain a leader in the field.

Image by Josh Spires (dronenr)
Many types of seaweed contain more protein than meat & more calcium than milk



Biome contributes to the local community through supporting education from primary to tertiary level. We strongly believe in supporting local educators & engaging with students. We aim to instil an appreciation for the marine environment, its sustainable use & the solutions it presents for future generations. 

Biome is supporting a PhD candidate working at Exeter University & early-stage researchers at University of Plymouth through opening up the farm sites for research purposes. 

Biome is developing educational packages for use in primary & secondary schools. These will be related to sustainable seaweed farming, but also the importance of Marine Protected Areas & kelp restoration projects. 

Image by Josh Spires (dronenr)
70% of oxygen in the world is produced by algae, compared to 28% produced by rainforests


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Biome is supporting & encourages eco-tourism to our seaweed farms. The trips will educate all generations on the importance & benefits of sustainable & regenerative seaweed farming. We will also integrate wider marine relevant education into our tours. 

Biome will provide information boards to the local community, supporting the wider local tourism industry, actively participate in community led initiatives celebrating the best of the south-west & distribute interactive educational tour packs, which in turn promote other traditional & sustainable local businesses. 

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Image by Josh Spires (dronenr)
Giant kelp can grow by nearly a metre a day