Embracing a New Season: The Dawn of Deployment

As the seasons change, our farm enters a new beginning of renewal and growth. Our team at Biome HQ have been working tirelessly in preparing all the necessary equipment to make sure we hit the ocean running.    There is a sense of anticipation amongst us all as the seeds arrive on a crisp, autumnal morning […]

Meet ‘The Seaweed Queen’

Biome are working with naval architects, Rockabill Marine Design (RMD), to create a state-of-the-art, industry-leading, 20m aquaculture vessel. ‘The Seaweed Queen’ will boast a substantial 105m²  working deck and 20-tonne cargo capacity with unique storage holds, making it a perfect fit for a wide range of farming operations. The vessel will be a UK first […]

The Last Ride Project

To add to the excitement of our first trip out to the farm, we were joined by a film crew, shooting scenes for the Last Ride Project, an ambitious world’s first in global ski mountaineering and exploratory docu-series. It’s investigating catastrophic deglaciation and its effects on the broader climate emergency. Why is it called ‘the […]