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Seaweed farms offer a resting & feeding ground to migrate birds, including environmentally important & endangered species.

Our Mission : Aquasmart Offshore

  • Measure important environmental parameters for regulatory & food safety purposes.

  • Improve viability of offshore farms deployed in high-energy sea conditions.

  • Supply the Aquasmart Offshore system as a world-class product to offshore farmers & other groups who can apply & use the system.

  • The array data also provides an early warning system for offshore farmers. It monitors stability of deployed farm equipment & assists with equipment tracing & retrieval if needed.

Enable effective, real-time remote monitoring of water quality at offshore farms.

Image by Josh Spires (dronenr)
Farmed seaweed can significantly reduce cattle-produced methane when added to feed supplements, helping combat climate change.

What is Aquasmart Offshore?

  • Aquasmart Offshore is being developed in partnership with a leading UK marine technology company. The system is made up of two parts, an ‘on-site’ array & software package.

  • An ‘on-site’ array remotely monitors a range of environmental factors.

  • Combined, the array data can give an accurate, real-time indication of water quality in the vicinity of offshore seaweed, shellfish & fish farms.

  • The array data feeds into an innovative ‘easy-interface’ software package (app).

  • This allows farmers to monitor their farm status at any given time or can help researchers to collect high resolution & continuous site data.

  • It is currently at the prototype stage which will be tested on real-world seaweed, shellfish & fish farms.

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